How to Easily Add Probiotics Into Your Diet

“Gut health” is the new buzz word everyone is raving about. I first heard of this talk a few years about when I began drinking Kombucha. If you haven’t had one, get to the store and buy one immediately! Kombucha is a happy drink for our gut that seems to improve my mood, energy, and vitality! You might call me out for it being the placebo effect but I truly love it! Now that I have been diagnosed with Candida (yeast overgrowth you can read about on my My Happy Gut…Is Not So Happy blog post) probiotics are more important than ever for me.

Easy ways to get more probiotics in your diet:

You do not have to have Candida to start adding in probiotics to your diet. This is something I should have done to prevent this – especially when taking antibiotics! My go to daily three items are:

  1. Organifi probiotic supplement: This aids in digestion, weight loss, and energy levels. Even after my 40 day cleanse this will be a staple in my diet. Immediately after taking it my bloating and inflammation went down significantly! (Check out MindPump Media for a special 20% off code and extra honest health tips)
  2. Kombucha: make sure to choose one with little to no sugar as it will only cancel out the benefits if they are loaded with sugar and flavors! I stick to original or ginger flavor for max benefits.
  3. Organic Plain greek yogurt: This is a great snack that you can throw some low glycemic fruit (such as berries) on top of. This is packed with probiotics and live cultures. TIP: Do not be afraid of fat! I buy full fat yogurt because it is a great source of healthy fats to include my diet!



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