Meet Me

I am so happy you found me! I am on a journey to find how I can be the best version of me – happy and healthy!  To say the least, health is an ongoing journey but it’s worth the destination. I am a young woman who grew up in the bay area. I attended college locally obtaining my bachelor’s and master’s degree in Business Administration. I am now a high school teacher and couldn’t love my job more. I am thankful for my family and boyfriend for supporting me though all my entrepreneur (impulsive as they call it) adventures. I am passionate about nutrition and finding a balanced, lively lifestyle!

I was on the hunt to find the best, most pure products that will help my body and mind be a healing place from within and I found Purium. Purium is a Whole Food Nutrition company that is organic, non-GMO, and locally farmed hundreds of miles away from any pollutant. Their Founder, Dave, is passionate about our food cycle and educating the world on what healthy, pure food can do to your mind and body. Did you know 80% of the food we buy in the grocery store is loaded with antibiotics, pesticides, glyphosate (active ingredient in round-up), and GMO’s? Me either until I found Purium. Join me in my journey to getting my gut back on track!

Also, shop and Purium and receive a $50 gift card by using the code FOODOLOGY at checkout.

Cheers to a better you! Xoxo


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