Make your Gut Happy and Healthy Again

I met with my health coach today and updated her on all my life changes. My health seemed normal to me, relationship and social circle are happy, and my career is fulfilling. My health coach dug a bit deeper to ask some personal questions. Looking at her concerned face, she told me to set a cup next to my bed and in the morning spit in it. WHAT? “The spit test” she explains. It’s a test to see if there is an overgrowth of yeast in my gut. To my surprise the very next morning, instead of floating saliva, I watched as mine appeared to be stringing down the cup all the way to the bottom. My symptoms were confirmed with a simple spit test…I have candida albicans overgrowth. What is that?! I replayed over and over the symptoms she asked me if I had until it hit me.

I didn’t even realize something was wrong with my health because I was so use to feeling this way. It was my normal.

What is it:

Candida (yeast) has invaded my gut in numbers larger than the good bacteria. In other words, my good bacteria and probiotic helpers are losing the battle to yeast right now. My microbiome needs a refresh ASAP!

How I got it:

Tonsillitis is a staple in my life arriving at my surprise every few months. In fact, every vacation I pack my antibiotic because it can pop up at anytime. Yes, I know go get surgery but I always thought there was a root cause from within – I just did not know what. Between antibiotics and a teacher on summer break with nothing but relaxing and vacationing to do over summer…a social glass of wine (okay probably 2….or 3) mixed with an abundance of carbs were my go to. All 3 things were a prime contributor and the perfect environment for the yeast to take over. Between fatigue, bloating, IBS, hormonal imbalances, skin issues, and brain fog – now is my time to make a serious health change I didn’t even realize I had.

Follow my blog to join my journey as I tell you about my new diet plan and 10/40 day cleanse to a happy and healthy gut!

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