Reset Your Metabolism – Follow This Easy 10 Day Chellenge

It’s Friday! A day I come home, open a bottle of wine and relax from my crazy week. Instead waking up excited to indulge, I woke up this morning and changed my mindset. I began mentally preparing myself for a healthy change tonight. I created a plan before work so as soon as I get off I am in a different head space than craving my class of wine or bad food. Although I feel like I “deserve” it after a long week (as many of us do), I told myself that I “deserve” something better for myself – rather a healthier choice.

TIP: When driving home from work, stop to pick up something else that will satisfy you such as kombucha. Kombucha helps to satisfy my craving to drink something all while getting my probiotics in (which you can read more about on my How to Easily Add Probiotics Into Your Diet blog). You can also do sparkling water and poor it into a wine glass (or cocktail depending on your favorite drink). Anything with minimal sugar or alcohol is approved!

As you know alcohol has calories but your health journey doesn’t stop at the empty calories you are consuming. Alcohol blocks the body’s absorption of nutrients because the body does not recognize alcohol. It wants to remove it as soon as possible meaning all other absorption is put to the side so it can focus on the alcohol. Further there are cravings! Ever find yourself craving fried food filled with GMO’s and all that yucky stuff that kills our good gut bacteria while feeding our bad bacteria?! Me too!

I am on a journey to optimum nutrition that balances my lively lifestyle. By no means will I quit alcohol but I own the power to change my mindset about it. I have the ability to gage my consumption based on how I am feeling and what my body needs. A cocktail or glass of wine here and there won’t hurt, in fact, some studies would argue that its beneficial to your body. I can agree the antioxidants in red wine can have some great benefits but it comes down to consuming everything in moderation.

I am looking forward to my 10 day cleanse to reset my body and change my mental state on food and alcohol. I am ready to appreciate it again while feeling my absolute best! Stay tuned as my journey starts Monday!!

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Have a great weekend!

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