What Cleansing Your Gut Can Do For You

One week until my cleanse starts and I can not wait! I woke up this morning feeling tired of what I have let my health become. It is time for me to take charge and get back on track. I am depriving my body of it’s everyday essential nutrients that are vital to all of my ailments such as glowing and youthful skin, building lean muscle, no more bloating, energized, and feeling refreshed and nourished.

About one year ago I became a vegetarian (vegan for a few of those months) to internally solve my health problems. Meat can cause inflammation which is possibly why my acne is so persistent. After stopping meat, I added in a multi-vitamin, creatine, and B-12 to supplement for the lost nutrients. To my surprise, my skin got worse, I began noticing fine lines on my face, the bloating was at an all time high, and I was feeling tired. Interesting…everything I read said going vegetation would do the opposite. I figured with more veggies in my diet, I was bound to get bloated. I was supplementing my nutrients with the vitamins and yet I was getting worse. My body has a way of telling me something else is causing these things.

Our bodies are able to heal almost anything on their own as long as we provide them the power to do so.

I knew something was wrong on a deeper level. Thanks to my health coach we were able to figure out that my gut was heavily suffering from candida. Here was the root problem of my health issues. Thankfully through this past week, it has given me time to reflect and mentally prepare myself for the 40 days of cleansing ahead of me. After a week of finding out, today I am ready to conquer it and live a healthier life. Stay tuned for my journey starting Monday October 1st! Also, if you are interested in doing it with me, contact me for more details!

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