Best Healthy & Effective Way to Detox, Burn-Fat, and Lose Weight

I have tried a number of different things to detox my body. I recently tried the water mixed with cayenne pepper, maple syrup, and lemon diet which left me absolutely starving and lacking nutrients. I did a juice cleanse which made my body poop (a lot) but I was starving and felt good for about 8 hours. There was no way these were going to be a long term solution that would actually be effective to the body.

I recently started using Purium which is a whole food nutrition company. I just completed the 10-day cleanse – yes thats right I COMPLETED the 10 DAY CLEANSE! Never in my mind would I have thought that I could actually make it a full 10 days. The best part about it was I was getting 100% of my whole food nutrients so my body didn’t actually crave anything else! Nope not even chocolate or coffee. I had more energy than I ever thought I could even have even though I cut out the coffee. It’s amazing what the body is capable of when you have pure, organic, non-GMO, farm-to-family nutrients in you.

Purium changed my life and the way me and my family will eat forever. It is effective and safe for children, elderly, and pets! Check Purium out for yourself, read the reviews, and do your own research. If you hate the products (which I 100% know you won’t) Purium offers a money back guarantee. So go ahead… change your life in the healthiest way possible!

Use code FOODOLOGY at checkout for $50 off! Go to




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