8 Reasons To Cleanse With Purium: Get Whole Food Nutrition (& Lose the Weight)

Real food makes all the difference in your body and in your health. It starts from within!

  1. Real Food Revolution: 100 years ago food might have been organic but not anymore. Food is now made by chemists in labs with great marketing companies behind them.

Food is for profit which means they are processed and stuffed with sweeteners, hormones, pesticides, GMO’s, artificial colors and flavors, glyphosate, and so much more! It looks like food but it is not even recognizable by our body! Thankfully Purium is changing the way we eat. #Itstartswith10days

  1. Whole Food Nutrition: No synthetic vitamins here! Purium is as pure of a product as they come. Most products including a popular competitor, Arbonne, is fortified with synthetic material. At Purium, our nutrition is coming straight from the source using the whole superfood!
  2. Organic, Non-GMO, No pesticides, herbicides, added sugars, sweeteners or anything else! Squeaky clean!
  3. Farm to Family: Purium Is manufactured straight from the farm located hundreds of miles away from any pesticides and glyphosate. Purium is a direct to consumer business model which keep the product without a middleman. This keeps costs as low as possible for a pure product.
  4. Locally farmed: Purium is farmed and manufactured in the gorgeous Southern California! It is far from any pollution.
  5. Passionate Owner, Dave Sandoval: Dave has dedicated his entire life to making a change in our polluted food cycle. With over 80% of our food stuffed with synthetic ingratiates, no wonder we are saddened with diseases, weight gain, irritated gut, bloating, digestion issues, skin problems, and much more! Dave is changing the way we eat eat food.
  6. 60 Day Guarantee: Purium backs their products 100% because we believe in them! Purium is solving the health crisis and we are here to share it with the world.
  7. Free $50 Gift Card to get you started – just use code FOODOLOGY at checkout. To purchase click https://ishoppurium.com/ and enter code FOODOLOGY for a $50 gift card!



What company are you going to trust? I trusted Purium. I took a change, spent the money, and will never go back. The way I feel I can’t even put into words. Purium has changed my life. I will personally help you through the transition to whole food nutrition with a free consolation and consistent follow-ups while using the product.

To purchase click https://ishoppurium.com/ and enter code FOODOLOGY for a $50 gift card!


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