Calm Your Kids (Naturally): Sleep, Focus, & Stable Energy

I am a teacher and I am all for enthusiastic children in my class! But let’s face it, kids need to take their energy and be able to use it appropriately especially as they get older. On the flip side, children who suffer form ADHD or ADD are given unhealthy and unnatural drugs that in my personal opinion are not safe for young, growing minds. Weather your kids are out of control sometime or suffer from something like ADHD, Purium offers an all natural, organic, non-GMO, whole food nutrition “Calm Your Kids” pack.

Pack Includes: 

  • In Focus  
  • CHILL Spray
  • Apothe-Cherry  (Watch the video! I take this every single night before bed)

Each product is safe for kids using herbs and superfoods! These foods help kids naturally relax and able to focus better. Whether it is a crazy day or crazy night, all parents need a safe product to give their kids that may help them calm down. The products also offer a balanced circadian rhythms for proper sleep.

Read the reviews and see for yourself! Watch #Pathwaytohealthy for more info!

Try it out with a $50 gift card and 60-day money back guarantee with code FOODOLOGY. Go to to shop!


Purium Kids Flyer 1.jpg

Purium Kids Flyer 2.jpg


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