EASE Your Body From Daily Wear, Tear, & Aches (Children, Athletes, and Everyone In-between)

$50 gift card with code: FOODOLOGY

This spray is made with Trumacin (a potent extract from the plant curcuma longa or tumeric) which supports muscle aches, joint aches, and your body’s inflammation response. Whether you keep it in your gym bag or your child’s diaper bag, EASE is safe and pure enough for anyone in the family. It is, of course, non-GMO and organic made from whole food nutrition. It has a delicious cinnamon flavor that the whole family can enjoy. I use it after every workout to keep my joints and body from aching. My friends who have children use it as a pain reliever for bumps and bruises. The kids instantly love the flavor and actually feel the effects of their body’s inflammatory system working. It has saved many tears on the playgrounds, moms!

If you are an athlete, this is a must have product. I have found myself recovering so much faster then before and my body is feeling better than ever after intense workouts. Go ahead read the reviews for yourself with the link below!

Purium EASE Spray$50 gift card and 60-day money back guarantee with code FOODOLOGY

For more product details visit the EASE Spray Face Sheet!



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