Gain Energy Through the Food You Eat!

Day 1 of my cleanse and I am more excited than ever for this journey! I am ready to get my gut back on track and start over on healthy living.

Healthy living embodies the foods you input in your body so you can output energy you forgot you had.

The importance of consuming nutrient dense food that is organic makes all this difference in your body. I put that on the back burner for a long time until my body had developed a new normal that was tired. My skin suffered and my whole being changed. Stress took over and I coped with eating foods that I loved. Day 1 of the cleanse is not easy but it is exciting and anyone no matter the age can do it! I am nervous about crossing the finish line but this is a challenge I am ready to go though. It is a total body transformation that I have set my mind to.

TIP: Have your flex foods ready and alarms set! Every 2 hours you must be taking something so stay on track.

It’s not too late to join me in this journey and transformation! Visit and use code FOODOLOGY for $50 off!

A green power shake cheers to day one!



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